Drain Cleaning & Line Camera Services

Drain Cleaning in Portalnd-Metro Area

Camera & Cleaning Services!

Drain Cleaning services are now available for our entire service area! 

Video line inspections are also available for diagnosing problems in any of your septic lines.

We can inspect and clean all lines between the clean out to the drain field.  This way all your septic needs can be addressed in one place.

If you suspect a clog, and need to have your drain lines cleared or inspected, give us a call at any of our phone numbers. 

When do I need my drain lines cleared?

If you are experiencing back ups inside your home, you may have a clog in your drain lines or septic inlet line!

Symptoms can look like :

  • Sinks, toilets, and showers that don't drain properly.
  • Back ups in one fixture when using another.

Other Services Our Drain Cleaning Team Can Assist You With:

  • Video Line Inspecting
  • Diagnosis of poor drainage or lack of drainage.
  • Diagnosing a clog or back up.
  • Clearing clogged lines

Call us at (503) 829-8458

With any questions you may have about drain cleaning, septic problems, or concerns!